10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

10 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Winter is officially done and it’s time to dust off the old year and welcome the new. If you’re wondering where or how to go about your spring cleaning, the following are 10 tips that can help you spring clean with ease.

  1. Centralize Your Bedroom

    When it comes to your bedroom, remember that it is your sanctuary so make sure it has all your basic amenities and no clutter. Add in a salt lamp, a humidifier or more to turn it into a place where you can relax, unwind, and forget about the world.

  2. Organize Your Clutter

    Whether it’s in a box, a drawer, or a chair, clear out the clutter and bring more order to that area. Clear up the clothes, the little knick-knacks and simply throw away the little bits and pieces.

  3. Cleanse Your Wardrobe

    Get rid of clothes that you no longer wear, that do not fit you or that were an impulse buy that you cannot wear. By cutting down on your wardrobe, you get to free up more space and go out and get some more new clothes!

  4. Clean Out the Kitchen

    The kitchen is generally a clean area, but it can benefit from a good scrubbing. Roll up your elbows and give the countertops a good scrub as well as the stove top which can easily collect grime with ease. Kitchen cabinet doors are also susceptible for accumulating food splatters and stains.

  5. Donate or Recycle

    Once you have collected everything that you do not want, it’s time to either donate it or recycle it. Keep in mind that if you tend to hoard, you might not always end up recycling the product. Just donate it and get rid of the clutter in a productive manner.

  6. Get Rid of Bad Habits

    When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s not just your home that needs to be cleaned; you can also clean up your act. The best option is to try and get rid of your bad habits, one at a time. By picking only one, you improve your chances on getting rid of it.

  7. Reinvigorate Your Pantry

    You should most definitely try to clean out your pantry of all unhealthy junk food items that you might like to eat. You should opt for healthier alternatives that work like fuel for your body and not help you stay in good shape.

  8. Clear the Old Phone Book

    Cleaning out your old phone book might also be a good idea. Get rid of numbers and contacts of people you are no longer in touch with.

  9. Go Green as You Clean

    When it comes to using cleansers, opt for natural cleansers that do not contain as many fumes as chemical cleansers. These are better for your home, better for your health and better for the environment as well.

  10. Improving Indoor Environment

    The quality of your indoor environment makes a direct impact on your health. Get indoor plants, clean the curtains, and make sure to air out rooms for a better indoor environment.