5 Simple Ways to Help Veterans

5 Simple Ways to Help Veterans

Veteran’s Day is the time to honor the people who put their lives on the line and sacrificed a great deal to keep the country and your families safe. Men and women of the United States Military need to be remembered as these are the people that served their country without any question. It was their duty, and now it is ours to help the veterans in any way possible.

Take out some time from your everyday schedule and help out a veteran this Veteran’s Day in these five simple ways:

1. Pay them a visit

There are many United States Veterans that are living in old homes and are currently in the hospital being treated. This Veteran’s Day, why not visit the veterans there and liven up their day with some form of activity that can be performed with them.

Sometimes, a visit from somebody who honors their sacrifice can really bring cheer in their life. Make sure you keep things interesting and ask them about the great sacrifices they have made and what funny war stories they may have to tell.

2. Be handy

If you are good with the wrench, then why not offer your service to a veteran household? It could be something like fixing the boiler, or even helping them around the yard or the garage. It would save them a lot of time and money and they will surely appreciate a helping hand.

You can even offer to drive them to their doctor’s appointments, as it becomes hard for some veterans to move around with their injuries. If there is a way you can make their day easier, go for it. You can contact the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization to help you find someone you can help out.

3. Send them a care package

There are companies like Operation Gratitude that can help you send a care package to a veteran on your behalf. For a very nominal fee, you can brighten a veteran’s day up by sending them a package that can contain items such as books, letter of thanks, snacks, and personal hygiene products.

If you know a veteran personally and know what exactly they like, you can thank them for their military service by giving them something that they would really enjoy and use for a long time. For example, if you know someone who is interested in the latest phones, but hasn’t gotten around to getting a good one, buy them a refurbished phone and help them use it.

4. Donate to charities

There are numerous charities which are dedicated to helping veterans rebuild their lives. There is the Homes for Our Troops (HFOT) organization that uses donations to provide building material and professional help for building veterans a new home.

The next best thing to do is donate to “Stand Down”. This veteran assisting organization tries to provide temporary lodging and hygiene facilities for homeless vets and their families. The saddest thing that you will ever see is a citizen who does not have a home in the country they defended with their life. Help the homeless vets find a home and a job.

5. Become a friend

The best thing that you can do for a vet is visit them during another time, other than Veteran’s Day. Veterans tend to lead lonely lives in old homes and sometimes homeless conditions. Try to help them get back on their feet and help them by finding jobs. Visit the ones who are retired and help them live a happier life.